Monthly Archives: May 2012

A full day’s work

Today we composed and recorded the song for Santi, the bagpipe player, to play on during our next recording session together. We based the song on a tradition song Santi played for us called ‘Saltón’


And another name on the car too!


Bagpipe recording

We found ourselfs a bagpipeplayer! Santi Galguera is showing and teaching us about this very loud instrument :) This moment we are recording some ideas to check out what to play and record eventually!


…and the result!

Preparing the car for the rest of the tour :)

So what now?

Our third day here in Porrua, and still we have not found any musicians to play with… There was supposed to be someone named Victor, the bandleader of a bagpipe-ensemble, but he is nowhere to be found. Fortunately we were able to record some cows yesterday.

And we’ve been told that today we will meet someone who plays the bagpipe, so we hope to start recording today! Although we still don’t know when or where we should meet this musician.

Non the less we’re having a very good time here. Together with the film crew we’re making plans for the rest of the tour, and we’ve shot some pictures of us, driving through the amazing landscapes here….

Fieldrecording Porrua, Spain