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THANKS, Mellionnec!

After an fantastic week here in Mellionnec, it’s time to move on again to Pergine Valdarno.

We had a full program here. We stayed in two houses, both with wonderful families. We recorded music and jammed with a whole group of local musicians, who showed us how the local music was played. We also visited the local music school, where we listened to a clarinet and a double bass  lesson and we gave a piano lesson as well.

Yesterday we did a gig in the bar in Tremorgat, which ended in one big jam session.

Today we packed up our mobile studio and loaded the car again.

We’d love to stay, but Pergine is waiting……



Clarinet lesson at the music school

Recording the guitar

More publicity!


Our studio for the rest of the week


Poster for our gig this Thursday

Some publicity in Mellionnec